Backups are important, Always!

To make sure that i have a backup that is “offsite”, i’ve implemented a solution that makes use of the owncloud server that is running on this Pi.

First of all, i’m mysqldumping all the databases on the Pi in an ownCloud upload folder
Next, the website files are tarred into that ownCloud upload folder.
ofcourse, the /etc /root and /boot folders may come in handy as well, so they are also tarred into that ownCloud upload folder.

Next, i run :
#sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan –all
this will insert the files directly from the command line in my ownCloud instance, and my configured desktop (Windows) will automatically download these files to have a backup outside of the Raspberry pi disks.

This howto will be described in more detail on the WIKI later on.